WebJET MSG functions

Contacts processing in accordance with current legislation 

WebJET MSG WebJET MSG can do more than just send emails and newsletters. In its user-friendly interface, you can also efficiently process and manage contacts, which you can easily import or gradually collect using pre-prepared web forms. 


Collect contacts on your website 

Thanks to the widget available within WebJET MSG, you can collect contact information from your current and potential customers directly on your website built on the WebJET CMS system. Contact acquisition is ensured by multiple measures, ensuring that your contacts are obtained in a way that fully complies with current legislation 

Segment contacts based on defined preferences 

During contact collection, it's possible to set up thematic segmentation based on desired criteria. Whether it's selective newsletter subscription for specific topics or simply needing to send different emails to existing and potential customers. You can manage segmentation further in the intelligent interface of the WebJet MSG solution. 

Import contacts which you already have in the database

Do you already have a database of contacts from registered users on your portal or from previous email campaigns? No problem! You can easily import contacts into WebJET MSG from an Excel file, CSV file, or manually upload them in plain text format. If needed, we can program integration with your CRM and automatically upload contacts from your customers to WebJET MSG.

Ensure compliance with current legislation 

Our email marketing system offers more features that are responsible for the security of your data and compliance with current legislation. To comply with GDPR requirements, we have incorporated consent for processing personal data, authorization email double opt-in or double consent to subscribe, and an easy option to unsubscribe from subscriptions into the system. 

Create e-mail content quickly and easily

The most important part of e-mails is their content itself. To create it in WebJET MSG, you can use a simple multimedia WYSIWYG editor with the possibility of drag-and-drop editing. In addition, you can create fully automated content that will insert dynamic data and personalized elements into the subject and body of e-mails exactly according to the criteria you define.


Intuitive e-mails creation

The WYSIWYG editor makes creating e-mails and newsletters very simple and clear. In the editor, you can create predefined elements such as header or footer of the e-mail. The layout of the email is only up to your taste and creativity. In addition, the creation of emails takes into account the responsiveness of emails, thanks to which emails are perfectly readable on the phone and on the computer.

Take advantage of automation thanks to dynamic data

Speed up the creation of newsletters thanks to the use of dynamic data. In the WebJET MSG system, in addition to filling in the name for better personalization, it is possible to set up automated uploading of content from the feed. Do you blog regularly? Let the system automatically include them in your email.

E-mail marketing will no longer be a problem.  

Simplify your work and utilize precise automation within email marketing. Duplicate control will help you detect duplicated email addresses, ensuring you don't spam your potential customers. Increase the effectiveness of your emails with marketing tools for A/B testing and detailed statistics. 


Automate e-mail sending 

Sending emails is very straightforward. You manually select email addresses or entire lists of addresses and set up the sending. WebJET MSG also supports automatic content population, which, along with automated sending, significantly streamlines your work. We're happy to assist you with the initial setup of automation. 

Automatic duplicate email address control  

With each email sent to selected contacts, the WebJET MSG system automatically checks the recipients and evaluates whether there are any duplicate addresses among them. This ensures that your emails won't be sent multiple times to duplicate addresses. Additionally, the system checks whether anyone on the list has already unsubscribed from your mailing list. Moreover, email sending respects domain limits, ensuring that your emails don't end up in spam folders. 

Measure effectiveness and increase it through A/B testing 

In WebJET MSG, statistics to evaluate the success of your email campaigns are, of course, not missing. In the system, you can review, for each sent campaign, how many emails were actually delivered, the open rate of your emails, and the click-through rate of individual items within the email. You can improve these statistics through the A/B testing feature, which helps you test the subject or content of the email. 


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