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 Application Application description
Audit WebJET's change log allows you to search audit logs by date and time, event type, author, and description.
Cookiebar Put a pre-defined cookies bar on the page, where the visitor confirms his consent to the storage of cookies on his computer. We recommend putting this app in your footer so it automatically appears on every page. It will reappear after 30 days after the visitor has confirmed their consent.
Numbers The Phonebook application allows you to create named types of phonebooks, into which you can subsequently store various data (e.g. a list of districts). Codebook types and data can also be exported and imported using an .xls file. You can use the dialer in the Forms application or set selection options for free fields in the web page, or use them in the customer implementation.
Disqus comments Embed Disqus comments on your website. Before posting to the page, register a free account at, through which you will set the discussion options.
Date and time Inserts a date and time into the page that will be updated each time the page is viewed.
Date and name day It will allow you to insert the current date into the page, currency notes corresponding to the given day, or a record tracking the dates of changes to the website.
E-mail - distribution list The application E-mail - distribution list allows you to send bulk personalized e-mails to several users at once. Each message is sent separately and individual recipients do not see the email addresses of other recipients. The advantage is that each e-mail can be personalized - if you insert the the recipient's real name is inserted instead.
E-mail can be sent to visitors who are registered in the WebJET admin area, or you can create a file with a list of names and e-mail addresses and then import them as a recipient list.
2 pages need to be created to register visitors to receive news: login and logout. Inserts a newsletter (distribution list) subscription/subscription component into the page.
Emoticons Allows you to insert emoticon images into pages.
Facebook comments Through Facebook comments, site visitors can express their opinion by adding a post to the discussion using their Facebook profile.
Facebook Like Box The Facebook Like Box app allows you to promote your Facebook page (cannot be used for groups and personal profiles). The app will display the posts on the wall and the friends list of the site.
Facebook Like Button The Facebook Like/share button allows you to "Like" or share the content of the page with the friends of the page visitor.
Photo gallery The photo gallery application allows you to easily create a photo gallery. Just upload pictures from your digital camera in bulk to the photo gallery, and WebJET will automatically reduce the photos to the required format. You can add a short and long description and the name of the author to each photo.
GDPR The purpose of the GDPR application is to allow WebJET modules to search web pages and data based on defined regular expressions or a specified term and display the search result to the WebJET user for subsequent auditing. The search is mainly intended for forms to prove that they do not contain sensitive data (date of birth, mobile phone number, landline number, social security number, contract number, etc.) The GDPR application also allows the deletion of data associated with GDPR from the WebJET database.
Furthermore, the application allows management of cookies and their classifications displayed to visitors in the cookies bar when visiting websites.
Google search Through this application, you can also place a Google search box on your page to search your website using the Google index.
Live chat (SmartsUpp) Communicate with your customers live, directly from the website.
To use this service, you must register (free) at After registration, you will receive a Smartsupp key. The service offers a free version for one operator.
We recommend placing the application in the footer of the page so that it appears automatically on every page.
Deletion of data The application for the retention of old data allows you to delete old statistics (page visits), sent emails, recorded server monitoring data, the history of searched websites and audit records.
Media It allows you to attach a list of media (files, images, multimedia) to a website and then display them on the website in the form of a list. They can be e.g. related links, downloads, attached video files, etc.
Menu Inserts a navigation menu into the page (main menu or left menu on the website). The menu is generated automatically based on the tree structure of the web pages. The directory can be used to set the display method in the menu (show/not show).
Novinky You can create a list of websites through the News application. You choose the design, the arrangement method, the filter criteria and the directory from which the list should be loaded. The result is a display of e.g. news, press releases, list of blog posts, etc.
Links on the social media Inserts icons on the page with links to social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.
Recommendation Embed an app on your site that displays your customer testimonials in the form of name, photo and text. The application will increase the credibility of your site and assure the potential customer of the quality of your services.
Online picture editor The integrated image editor allows you to resize, rotate or crop images directly in the browser. If you need to make a quick change in the image, you can do it directly in the browser in WebJET.
Send a message It allows you to send a message to another administrator and to integrate messaging into the website (e.g. tutor-to-student messaging within the LMS).
Wheather Enter the current weather and the forecast for the following days into the page. Weather data is provided by
Nice presentation  Animated presentation view with 3D transition effect between slides. You can define a title, subtitle, font and background color, illustration photo for each slide.

Pre-prepared blocks

It allows you to insert ready-made blocks (HTML objects) into the page. For example table and text, contact form, three column text.
Site and Domain Redirects It allows you to set up redirects of URLs and entire domains. For URLs, it is possible to set old and new address and redirect code. For domains, original and new domain and redirect URL and protocol (http, https).
Online user Inserts the logged in user data into the page. If no user is logged in, blank text is inserted.

Slit slider

Add a new slider to your page. At first sight, the visitor will be attracted by eye-catching animations, which is ideal for the presentation of your product.
User management In user management, you can comprehensively set user authorizations for individual applications, access rights to the file system and parts of the website. You can create user groups and set group rights. In addition to administrators (editors), the application also manages registered website visitors and email groups. Users can be imported and exported in XLS format.
Manage templates It allows you to define the assignment of headers, footers, menus, CSS styles to physical JSP files with the HTML code of the page design. The header is not fixed in the HTML code, but can be easily modified. You can define any number of templates (e.g. main page, sub-page) and limit their display according to the directory structure (e.g. the template for news will only be displayed in the Press Releases section).
Manage files and directories in the administration File manager in the administration for convenient management of files and folders.
Data synchronization within the WebJET family (Import/Export) Transfer of website data between development environments (e.g. from test to production environment). When exporting, it will generate a ZIP file with the content of the web pages, including images. Import will display a comparison of the current status and allow each imported web page to be set to import and overwrite (if a page with the same name already exists).
Data encryption This app adds data encryption support to the Forms app. You will generate both an encryption and a decryption key. You set the encryption key in the properties of a specific form, and the data in the database will be encrypted with this key. To display the data, you enter the decryption key with which the decrypted data is displayed. But they still remain secured by encryption in the database.
Background tasks Management and definition of repetitive tasks running in the background (e.g. downloading and importing an organization structure XML file).
Viewing the document (word, pdf, xls) in the page The application allows you to insert a preview of a doc, xls, ppt or pdf document directly into the page without the visitor having to download it to their computer.
Insert HTML code Allows you to insert HTML code from an external website, e.g. Flickr photo album.

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