E-mailing with added value

WebJET MSG offers a stable solution for email distribution, A/B testing, personalization options, and automated sending of emails and newsletters. 



7 reasons, to choose WebJET MSG

  • Personalized and fully automated e-mail campaigns
  • Email protection by limiting to prevent ending up in spam 
  • Measurability of results with statistics on email opens and click-through rates 
  • Extensive multimedia editor for creating engaging content
  • Simple A/B testing to improve email campaign results 
  • Emailing compliant with current legislation
  • Integration capability with other WebJET family products 
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What benefits will you gain from implementing WebJET MSG?  

Emails that don't end up in spam. Send responsive personalized emails through WebJET MSG, and thanks to intelligent gradual campaign delivery, we'll ensure that your emails don't end up in spam.

More benefits for you

Basic functionalities

Newsletter that will help you achieve your desired results. WebJET MSG is an efficient email marketing tool focused on maximizing the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Elevate your customer communication to the next level with full automation of email communication. 

  • Collecting contacts from the website / import contacts from an existing database
  • Intuitive e-mails creation
  • Automated sending
  • Checking duplicate addresses.
  • Contact database management.

More functions

Current version

We are currently distributing WebJET 2022 version. 

Learn more about versions

WebJET MSG licenses overview

Learn more about the versions 


Basic version of the system - for smaller companies and institutions.

  • up to 500 e-mail recipients
  • 1 domain
  • 1 instance
  • 36 apps included
  • 49 additional applications for purchase


The most used version of the system - for small to medium enterprises institutions.

  • up to 5 000 e-mail recipients
  • features of the basic license
  • possibility to set corporate identity (logo, color palette, design...)


A system for the more demanding tailored to your requirements.

  • unlimited number of recipients
  • features of the Professional license
  • the possibility of implementing customized modules
  • the possibility of connecting to external applications

 If you have specific requirements that are not covered by standard licenses, we can provide you with a WebJET MSG INDIVIDUAL LICENSE. Contact us for more information.

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